The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital marketing can get very complicated, very fast. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to scale an existing marketing campaign, it’s important to begin with the basics and return back to them often.

That means asking yourself seemingly obvious questions like, “What do I want?” and “Why?” Not just once, or twice, but on a regular basis to keep your actions in line with your goals.

Repeatable Four-Step Approach

1. Define Goal 2. Make Plan 3. Take Action 4. Measure Result

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Intuitive vs Methodical Marketing

Consider the above diagram. It may seem like common sense, to have a goal and a plan, but what most digital marketers do, especially their first time, is skip straight to taking action.

As an exercise, let’s look at two marketers.

  • The Intuitive Marketer
    Everything they do is “by feel.” And it works, sometimes. But the outcome is always binary: either a campaign fails or it succeeds. And what constitutes “success” or “failure” is largely undefined.
  • The Methodical Marketer
    Everything they do is “by feel.” And it works, sometimes. But the outcome is always binary: either a campaign fails or it succeeds. And what constitutes “success” or “failure” is largely undefined.

And it’s not that being an intuitive marketer is necessarily wrong or that being a methodical marketer is necessarily right, but it’s the methodical marketer that gets consistent results.

Steps to Digital Marketing Success

Let’s walkthrough our four-step approach to making better digital marketing campaigns. The tl;dr is quite simple: Find the best, most actionable way to get the customer, orders, downloads, or awareness that you need.

1. Define Goal

When defining a digital marketing goal, aim for something that’s measurable.

  • Increase sales by 10%.
  • Decrease returns by 20%.
  • Lower CPO by at least $5.00.
  • Capture a 90% impression share.
  • Get 10 new reviews on a product page.

If your goal is high-level, for example: “Get orders.” Try adding more detail until it becomes more specific, like “Increase re-order rate by 25% among men.” Because execution is all in the details.

2. Make Plan

When making a digital marketing plan, be open to researching many options:

  • Different ad platforms
  • Different kinds of creative
  • Do-it-Yourself vs Outsourcing
  • Audience Targeting and A/B Testing

With your goal in mind, think about what are you willing and able to do to achieve that goal? What knowledge, expertise or resources can you bring to bear? How much of your time and money do you want to budget?

3. Take Action

Once your plan is vetted – follow the plan:

  • Eat the Frog
  • Use todo lists
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Track what you do
  • Leverage relationships

4. Measure Results

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